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18O-exchange catalyzed by myosin, heavy meromyosin, heavy meromyosin subfragment 1 and their complexes with actin.

Acta Biochim Biophys Acad Sci Hung 12, 37-44.

Myosin, HMM and HMM S1 catalyze 18O-exchange between P1 and H218O of the medium at an intermediate stage of ATP hydrolysis ("intermediate 18O-exchange") in the presence of Mg2+. Natural complexes of actomyosin and acto-HMM S1 do not catalyze intermediate 18O-exchange but facilitate "direct" or "medium" 18O-exchange (KH2P18O4 in equilibrium H2O) even without ATP. Reconstituted complexes of actomyosin, acto-HMM, acto-HMM S1, PABC-HMM S1, congo-myosin and TNP-myosin do not catalyze direct 18O-exchange in the presence of Mg2+ and absence of ATP. From the data obtained a hypothetical sequence of phosphorylation and 18O-exchange reactions in myofibril action has been suggested.

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